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Holiday Books For Every Reader

Can you believe it is December already? While I have been doing a lot of reading, I haven't had as much time to sit down and write reviews. I'm making up for that by making a list of holiday reads for all kinds of readers! Whether you like to read holiday themed books or not, I hope there is something on this list for all! If you have any other suggested reads, please share them in the comments. And most importantly, Happy Holidays!

For the Young Adult Reader:

Let it Snow

By: John Green, Maureen Johnson, & Lauren Myracle

If you like reading young adult, then Let it Snow is the perfect holiday read for you! It follows different characters through their holiday story; each written by a different author. There is overlap in the stories however, so even when the author switches, there is a connection between the previous main characters, and the new one. The stories are also really charming, and will leave you with a warm holiday spirit!

Holiday Mood Scale: 6/10 Jingle Bells

It takes place on Christmas Eve, and the holiday theme is unmistakable, but the characters' stories are about more than the holidays.

For the Short Story Reader:

My True Love Gave to Me.

By A Collection of Authors

This is another one that is technically classified as Young Adult, but I truly believe anyone who enjoys short stories would enjoy this book. It's a diverse read, so no matter your background, identity, or what holiday you celebrate, you'll find a story to connect with. The short story structure also makes it easy to read in short chunks, so if you're busy getting ready for the holidays this book won't take too much of your time.

Holiday Mood Scale: 7/10 Jingle Bells

There are lots of holiday stories to keep you entertained and feeling the holiday spirit! However, there is once again more to the story and you'll enjoy each story on its own merit.

For the Murder Mystery Reader:

The Mistletoe Murder and Other Stories

By P.D. James

For those who enjoy murders and mysteries that are more than a bit sinister, this is the right holiday read for you. P.D. James of course does an amazing job building up mysteries and telling her stories. There is also something that is a little creepier about these kinds of things happening around Christmas time. This is also a quick read, so perfect for anyone with a business holiday schedule.

Holiday Mood Scale: 4/10 Jingle Bells

Not all the stories centre around the holidays, and even those that do could take place at other times of the year and the story would be the same if not similar.

For the Reader that Likes a Plot Twist

The Afterlife of Holly Chase

By Cynthia Hand

This book is a twist on the Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol. Whether you think you can't read one more retelling of this story, or you love revisiting the story during the holidays, you need to read this book. The first third of the book will seem predictable and you might even consider putting it aside because it seems obvious what will happen next. Please do not! I won't say anymore as this is spoiler free, but if you like a good plot twist this is one holiday read you'll want to finish.

Holiday Mood Scale: 8/10 Jingle Bells

The classic tale of A Christmas Carol is so firmly grounded in the holidays, that it would be impossible for this story not to have more of a focus on the holidays!

For the Romance Reader

Christmas Brides

By Suzanne Enoch, Alexandra Hawkins, Elizabeth Essex, & Valerie Bowman

Anyone who is a fan of the romance genre will enjoy this book. Combine that with four christmas engagements, and you've got several holiday themed romance stories to enjoy! Each story takes place during the holidays and love stories always feel a little bit more magical at this time of year.

Holiday Mood Scale: 5/10 Jingle Bells

The holiday timeline is a nice touch, but does not dominate the plot of the book.

For the Fantasy Reader:

Letters from Father Christmas

By J.R.R. Tolkien

If you're a fan of Lord of the Rings, and other epic fantasy books, then this is a great holiday read. All of the ingenuity and world building from the world of MiddleEarth is apparent in this collection of letters from Father Christmas. This book contains all the letters Tolkien sent to his children from Father Christmas, and the details and the depth of the story get better and better each year. From polar bears to goblins, there's something every fantasy reader who wants to get in the holiday spirit will enjoy.

Holiday Mood Scale: 8.5/10 Jingle Bells

The premise and the story are firmly rooted in the holidays! Definitely a read that will put you in the holiday spirit.

No matter what book you decide to read, I hope you have a very happy holiday, filled with lots of love, and of course, reading!

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