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Book Review: Soundless

**This is a spoiler free book review**

Photo of book cover for SOundless. Features a young woman with her arm held across the page, with her dress blowing in the wind.

“Some things don't need words. Sometimes it's enough to just feel. You don't have to label and articulate all that's around you.”

I read Soundless in about a day, and really enjoyed it! It follows the story of a young girl (Fei) who lives in her village in the mountains. A rockslide has cut them off from the rest of the world, so food and supplies are sent up from the world below via a small zip line. Over the years, everyone in the village eventually lost their hearing. No one knows why, but no one in the village can hear any sound.

Fei is a talented artist who spends her days observing and recording the village history and presenting the news to the rest of the village with her fellow scribes. When her sister and others in the village start to lose their sight, Fei must make some difficult decisions about how to support her sister, and help support the village.

The story moved quickly, had some twists and turns, and could easily be finished in a day or over a weekend. It's extra perfect if you're looking for a book to dive into, but don't want the commitment of a series. Fei is also a strong character, and I enjoyed reading about her journey and decisions.

Although a shorter read, the culture is beautiful to read about, the author does an amazing job of painting a picture in your mind of the various scenes and adventures. I really found I couldn't put it down once I'd started.

7/10 stars

You'll like this book if you enjoyed: The Star Touched Queen (Roshani Choski); Crimson Bound (Rosamund Hodge); Lunar Chronicles (Marissa Meyer); The Gathering (Kelley Armstrong); The Crown of Embers (Rae Carson)

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