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Book Boyfriend Box Review: Beauty and the Beast

Imagine a world where your partner totally just gets you when it comes to your obsession with books. They know what it's like to say you'll read just one more chapter, but be up all night finishing a good read. They know how it feels when a character comes alive on the page.

They totally get it because they themselves are a book. That's the premise I feel is behind the book boyfriend box. Imagine your significant other was "X" book, and they sent you a box of items they think you'd like related to it, every other month. Other than the part where you have a brand new partner (book) every two months, it sounds perfect. In this case, the April 2017 box was Beauty and the Beast.

I loved this box! Not only did it coincide with the Beauty and the Beast movie release, but Beauty and the Beast is also one of my all time favourite fairy tales, so I was super excited and had high expectations for this box.

Once it arrived, I was not disappointed! The box included:

- a full size Belle funko pop,

- a Beastly themed candle (exclusive),

- a bookmark inspired by Rosamund Hodge's Cruel Beauty (exclusive),

- Spring Court tea (Inspired by Sarah J. Maas's A Court of Thorn and Roses)

- 'Tale as Old as Time' rose-tinted make up sample (exclusive)

- and Hunted, By Megan Spooner. Each box also included a letter from the author exclusive to the box.

As you can see from the list a lot of the items were exclusive, so there were made special for the box, and who doesn't like to feel special?! I definitely got high quality products that I will use (let's be real, have already been using!) and I'm now even more excited for the June box (Theme: Drama and Dating) which should be arriving in about a month.

The nice thing about this subscription box is also the flexibility- you can do a two box subscription, buy just one box, or as many as you like! It is super easy to go opt in or opt out at any time. This box is sold out and gone, but if you'd like more information or to subscribe to future boxes, check out their website:

My favourite part, by far is the feeling you get when you open the box and open up each item. A lot of thought as been put into selecting and in some cases designing each item, so it truly feels like the characters helped put this box together, which makes it a little bit magical.

Ranking: 8/10

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